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Lost my voice in Lincoln

Well, that's not quite accurate (it just rhymes better): I almost lost my voice somewhere between that delayed flight from Copenhagen, which didn't quite get me back home by midnight on Friday, and arriving London early Monday morning. But I've never been happier to land in England, as you've got over-the-counter medicine that works here (as opposed to Norway where everything you need to get thru the day with a flu, sore throat or just nasty cold, is either on prescription or not to be had):


So by the time I arrived Lincoln on Monday I wasn't feeling too bad. I gave a talk on blogging at the Uni there, together with the Press Gazette's eminent student blogger, Dave Lee, which was quite fun (at least I enjoyed it), but towards the end of my talk my voice just grew fainter and fainter (and even more husky than what it usually is). Still, good evening, and a nice dinner in the barge you can see just across the road here (by this time I was really starting to feel that I'd been up since 4am though, but luckily my hotel was just across the road, where the photo is shot from):


This morning I had a very brief tour of Lincoln Castle and Cathedral:



In the latter, they also keep an original copy of Magna Carta, hence the name of the pub across the road:



Are Norwegians concerned that non-prescription drugs (that is, those readily available in Britain) may be abused? That has been a problem in the United States.

I'm sure you can find a Norwegian politician or two willing to express his or her concerns over this. Me, I'm more concerned about how perfectly innocent and helpful stuff - such as losengers with local anesthetics, day nurse/night nurse (basically vitamins with paracetamol) and glucosamine - are either not to be had, or on prescription in Norway.

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