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Soft blagging

Okay, I made what I guess you could call a Freudian slip when I started this post, I wrote an a rather than an o: blagging. Now that's a way to look at blogging, the former is certainly a long treasured skill for journalists.

But the point I was planning to get at was quite different: I was at home with a serious bout of something on Wednesday, felt ever so sorry for myself, and thought, to lighten up a bit, I'd just do a bit of soft blogging (I attended a debate recently where I learned that youngsters use 'facebooksofting' as a way to relax after a strenuous day, so I though why not do some soft blogging). In the end, these lines on soft blogging fell victim to the perfectionist in me, and my blogging plans this week were all put a bit on hold until (first) I felt better, and (second) I got through my deadlines and social obligations, by which time I had built up quite a need for soft blag.. eh... blogging, so be warned: a bit of that coming up now...

... actually, perhaps the perfectionist got the better of me again, or perhaps the strong cultural conditioning in this country, which I discussed with an American friend only last night, finally caught up with me. In either case I ended up just bragging...


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