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I was contemplating this post on newsroom change when I happened on this intriguing introduction to journalism, which I guess you could say is an interesting starting point for looking at how journalism has changed (via DigiDave):

For my own part, well... where do I start? Could someone please tell my editor that beat reporters are meant to spend as little time as possible in the office:-) ? I'd love to spend more time on the road, and these days we don't exactly have to phone in those stories...

Other than that, I'm very glad that certain things have changed: I'd never gotten into journalism if I'd had to work up an interest for gossip or gardening (as it so happens, I started my media career as an editorial columnist back when I was 18, which is actually quite funny in view of this video).


Kristine, Thanks for posting that. I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. How much simpler life used to be. The sad thing is, other than encouraging women to go beyond society pages and gardening, I believe they are still teaching journalism this way today in j-schools :)

Ah ... brings back memories. OK. I'm not THAT old. But the flick was funny.

Yes, it certainly mad me laugh. However, I think you have a point Steve: I know jorunalism schools are struggling to keep up with the changing media landscape and some are not even trying. I see some, like City University, where I got my journalism degree, experimenting with blogs though, which is good, but I think the whole media industry is suffering a bit of an identity crisis these days (which is both good and bad)and this is not easy to address...

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