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Yes, it's cold, and very windy. But I'll brave the 10min walk to the gym, and light up a fire in the fireplace when I get back home. It's bank holiday here, and I'm staring at the massive pile of receipts I need to systematize for my accountant this wknd - I even turned down an invitation to go away this wknd to do it - but think I need a workout to get going...

We had snow and ice two nights ago that caused traffic problems for evening rush and left a few slick roads the next day. We may get a bit more snow tomorrow as well.

Several times, this past winter, we've had 55 F (13C) or warmer days followed by cold and snow just a few days later. We still have small piles of snow on the ground from the record (for Columbus, Ohio) snowfall of 20 inches we had two weeks ago.

I'm ready for some warmer weather that stays.

Me too: warmer weather would be great. However, all things considered, the current icy weather (even though the sun came out yesteday it's still freezing) helps get all those boring things I really need to do done: last year's accounts, which are do soon, spring cleaning and other boring stuff. And the great thing about boring tasks like these is that my mind is working on overgear and keeps coming up with one great idea after another...

I saw Santa Claus riding a Easternbunny this weekend here in The Netherlands...

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