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Time to come off stone

Interesting post from Shane Richmond on how the term "off stone" epitomises a mentality made redundant by the "digital revolution":

No time limit means publishing faster. Less time, not more.

And the other pressure, on resources, is changing the model too. One school of thought, embraced by journalism unions, is that resource cuts mean dispensing with vital talent so as to boost profits for greedy owners. Yet plenty of newspapers are struggling to make ends meet, not maximise profits, and the pressure comes from outside, not from above.

Our new competitors come from the internet start-up world. Doing more with less is encoded in their DNA. They're taking our readers who, it turns out, don't value us quite as much as we value ourselves.
Our readers are wrong about this, by the way. I firmly believe that journalists are vital to a free society.

Still, it's up to us to make a place for ourselves. We don't get one by right.

I'd like to tell you that you should think about change but it really doesn't matter. The changes are happening anyway, whatever you think of them. It's time to embrace the concept of change and decide how best to implement it...

...But I do know this: nothing is set in stone anymore.

Check out the full post here.


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