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I give up

My internet connection is sending me headlong into a major depression here. And, you know, I find it very hard to blog when I'm in a bad mood: I'm definintly a good mood blogger.

My internet connection is so painfully slow and erratic that I have to phone my bank to check my balance (yeay, £60, let's go wild), and on such occasions my Yahoo-account behaves like a hungry little brat, screaming: 'Lost connection, LOST CONNECTION, HTML ERROR, error, heellloo? FEED ME' constantly, thereby interrupting my writing again and again (I hate it when it does that).

Yes, I decided to sign up with a new internet provider, only seven days until I can get that up and running, only seven more days in hell. But for now I give up working from home: better head to the office, and stop by the gym for a dose of endorphines on the way so I don't arrive the office looking like a storm cloud (not that it matters that much: we have separate offices. Can you imagine? A news site/magazine where all the journalists have separate offices? Yeah, I know it's 2008, but we're on the Northern frontier here you see, the future is often slow to reach this faraway corner of the world). Okay, enough complaining: gym. Perhaps the blogging mood will catch up with me later in the day...


Incidentally, this storm cloud is from Brighton,
where they have great storms:-) (lived there 96-97)


Don't give up - If you've escaped cubicle nation then try and keep it that way!

Brighton does have some pretty impresive storms too - espcially when the waves crash over onto the undercliff walk towards Rottingdean.

... only seven more days in hell....
That must be another hell than I know. My ‘Catolic Hell’l is for Eternity...

I hope you're on the Internet in style soon! I go crazy when my connection is awful or not working at all - I just want the feeling I have the option of going online, if I like.

Hope all is well otherwise.

Must be something going around ... my server sucks too.

Thanks guys. Becky: yes, I hear these things are quite common and, more worryingly, that computer trouble is a common cause of nervous breakdowns - at least I can't be stoic about it.

Ashok: it's weird how something so 'trivial' can get to me. I'm usually the calmest person around when the shit hits the fan; renown for keeping my head about me and sorting things out in times of crisis, but 'small' things like computer trouble, tax bills or late payements can comepletly send me off the cliff (or at least make me feel terribly sorry for myself).

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