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Journalists take to blogging like ducks to tarmac

Is this the media future?

After eight months at stureplan.se, blogger Karin Schulman made it known she was keen to take her blog, called "Fuck you right back", somewhere else. Dagens Media asked her how much they'd have to pay for her: "I only work on commission. 4 pence per unique visitor per month," was her reply. And how many unique visitors can you deliver? "120,000", she said. Adds up to a pretty decent monthly salary.

Obviously someone thought it was a fair bargain: according to Dagens Media, Schulman will be moving her blog to sthlmsfinest.com, Stureplan's worst competitor, tomorrow. Schulman on the other hand, is already branding her former employer as "ungrateful".


Fascinating post, Kristine. I think readers who can't speak Swedish would be interested to learn more about how Katrin Schulman's £3,500 a month blog came about. (They will also be amused at the way what seems to be an upmarket magazine will use a certain English word when they wouldn't dream of printing anything so rude in Swedish!)

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