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Old dogs and new tricks (or what really happened to last year's editors' blog)

About this time last year I had great fun putting together a team of media bloggers who live blogged the Norwegian Editor's Association's annual conference which was headlined "Editor 2.0" (on commission from that very same organisation).

While writing this, I'm just about to fly out to Bergen where, among other things, this year's annual conference will kick off soon - but the blog we had so much fun with last year has largely been abandoned: after we started the conversation for last year's conference, the blog has not been updated and editor 2.0 is no longer a theme. I might drop by this year's spring conference as a journalist, but I thought maybe it's about time to put up something like this cartoon (via Sambrook) to explain the silence on the editors' blog,



Here's a toon comment for you:) on the link below.

Thanks for the cartoon.

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