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WAN/ WEF 2008: A Very Swedish Party

Since I had to leave this year's WAN Congress/ World Editors' forum on Tuesday to cover other events, I do not know how the show progressed from here, but this was by far the most surreal party I have been to for a very long time:


WAN2008 060E

It kicked off with fiddlers in national costumes performing drinking songs, while the waiters served herring, aquavit and salmon...


WAN2008 061E

an act which was followed by an ABBA look-alike band playing around with fake guns and singing cover versions of old ABBA and Grease songs..


WAN2008 064E

As the music filled the restaurant tent, and the world's editors and publishers started dancing to old ABBA tunes and the light from a big advertisement screen for Volvo, I thought it safer to steal away with a few Brits and Norsemen to have beer in a less psychedelic setting... ( by which point my camera batteries were starting to go out, hence the darkness of the last two pictures)....


WAN2008 066E


What made me feel very uneasy through most of this spectacle was knowing all too well that had this been Norway, it would probably have been fiddlers and an A-Ha look-alike band, and only the time of the year would have saved the guests from being served Lutefisk (cod in lye) or something even more exotic....


This made me laugh. So called "traditional" Swedish entertainment! I don't know why the guns though. Here in Sweden we're usually so gentle.

It would have been Hardanger fiddlers in Norway, right? I went to school in Sogndal once and I used to cringe at the sound of those fiddles and accordians.

When I think of Sweden I typically think of the Swedish Bikini Team from the 80's Budweiser (?) commercials.

From this point forward I'll mix a little bit of gun-toting-ABBA-cover band into that thought.

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