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A dream come true, sort of (or why it’s been a bit quiet here recently)

You know, ten years ago I really fancied glasses. I thought they’d rather suit my personae, or perhaps the persona I wanted to project stronger to those who did not know me.


But my eyesight was much too good, so after testing it for three consecutive years, I gave up and only thought wistfully of glasses every now and then. And since I spend ungodly long hours in front of the computer screen as a net crazy journalist, with small ‘breaks’ doing copy-editing and translation,  I thought my eyes were only a bit tired, in need of more rest or perhaps a pair of reading glasses, as I found them protesting so much at the end of my workdays this spring, my ‘extracurricular web activities’, such as blogging, suffered.


Until I saw the optician a week and a half back and found journalisting (or was it blogging?) has made me really short-sighted. So since I picked up a pair of glasses last Friday, I’ve been adjusting to seeing the world SO much clearer (did I really see that badly?) in-between my usual deadlines. It sure took some getting used to, but I’m just about ready to get back on the blogging track today…  




My dad often tells me that when he first got glasses he was surprised to see that the trees had discrete leaves.

Several years ago when I got my glasses updated, at first the world looked flat – as if it was all painted on a screen just out of reach – because I had learned to rely on blur as a distance cue. Happily, binocularism reasserted itself in a few hours.

Hey, my wife Noreen looks very alluring in glasses. I am sure you do too!

I am naturally biased, being a spectacles wearer since young age. That preppy look, it works for me.

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