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Revealed: my level of geekiness

Gee, I beat Paal Hivand and was only three points behind's Anders Brenna, a long-time programmer and IT-journalist.

Not sure how I did that, my knowledge of Tolkien and Slashdot could hardly be enough. I've always been good at translating abstract or technical issues into simple terms that make sense to the 'uninitiated', but, even though I do accomplish most of what I bend my will and/or focus to, I'm not very techy, or don't consider myself to be (sometimes, especially when my mind is elsewhere, say on deadlines, I consider myself plain stupid). Anyway, here's the quiz: how geeky are you?

65% Geek

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Oy vey. I'm tempted to take this thing now...

I came in at 76%. I'm not sure any of the things I picked that gave me points have any real-life use ... staying up until daylight to play computer games, for example.

How's the cat-sitting going?

Delmer: no, not very scientific, nor very useful. Though I'm thinking that I might not be able to capitalise on Tolkien know how - lots of people know better - but perpahs one day it'll stand me in good steed that I knew one of the founders of the Church of All Worlds (stranger in a strange land, where the term 'grok' first surfaced as far as I know).

Ashok: yes, cat-sitting is doing me a world of good. Last year I checked into hotels to get some peace&quiet to write, this is ten times better: it's free and the girl I'm cat-sitting for has a very interesting CD-collection, a great DVD-collection, and lots of books I haven't read before...

They aren't Geeks.

a) The link they offer isn't nofollowed. Linkbait, yuck.

b) The Tolkien question should have been about the Silmarillion.

Me: 83%.


I got 96%. Should I be scared?. And should I admit that I was playing computer games well before 1980?

I'm never sure what to make of it when you flag up your geekiness. Some of us try desperately hard not to be one. But I'm not going to say anything much more grumpy because I only got 64% :D :D :D Nyahahahaha! :P

(Although, taking into account the errors in the two measurements it could still be that— shhhugar! I'm a geek. ;) )

Well, it's all in how you define geek, isn't it? Michael: wouldn't give it a second thought, just a silly, but rather amusing game.

A_spod: test result surprised me and it was just a bit of fun. Not sure that I qualify as a geek, nothing I normally give a lot of thought, but am very aware that I'm more interested than most people in the issues I write about. Have lots of other interests as well though ( at least I used to:-) ). Deadline rush and rss have narrowed my focus/my media habits susbtantially, but I do try to remind myself to nurture peripheral vision, take time to invite more serendipity into my blogreading + just following the links from people I read or who link to me is great for discovering stuff I wasn't aware (like the house down the road that just burnt down, and, well, you get the gist:-) )

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