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I'm imagining this guy wasn't all too happy to have photographers crawling in front of the stage. The shot is from a recent Secret Garden gig during a festival I covered. I'm going through all my photos this weekend, and this is one I won't be using. It hardly satisfies the magazine criteria in terms of quality and smiley, happy people, but it does speak volumes - caption ideas anyone?


"I wonder if I have a chance with the brunette with the camera. Maybe if I play hard-to-get. I'll try an "aloof" look. Am I coming off aloof? Or pissed? It's hard to know with a mirror. Where the hell did that giant feather come from?"

Ha, ha, ha... though I do think he was genuinely grumpy or displeased. Got some more pics to prove that, quite amusing actually.
Eventually, I plan to upload a big portion of the photos I snapped to Flickr, but need to sort thru, edit and get some formalities agreed first. And started with 400 photos

By the way, thank you for the on-the-fly mental editing of my comment where, I'm hoping, you turned "with a mirror" into "without a mirror."

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