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The ultimate guide to newspaper curmudgeon talking points

I was alerted to this " handy-dandy [collaborative] guide to these curmudgeonly views and their counterpoints" by one of Mark Comerford's tweets. I can think of a few answers, but am mired in deadlines, think I've exceeded my screen rationing time for today (and tomorrow for that matter) and half my mind is on that perfect intro struggling to break free from the depths of my mind (or so I imagine). Useful summary though, it reminded me of this brilliant badge I found over at Matt Wardman's blog (though I don't remember precisely in which connection):



It was after the Stroppybird declared me a Class Enemy.

Another one coming out in the morning actually, for blogs which are blocked by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Thanks for the link Kristine!

I think that list is going to take a little while to get fully fleshed out anyway, so feel free to check back and add your suggestions whenever you DO have time ;)

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