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Eirik Solheim on NRK Beta, media transparency and how to engage readers in the new media reality

Here's your chance to hear Eirik Solheim, one of the new media gurus at The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), talk about NRKs blogging efforts, media transparency and how to engage readers in the new media reality.

I might be promising a bit too much here as this is a very informal session I'm organising for tomorrow, but I know I have many editors, journalists, bloggers and people who are more than averagely interested in the future of media reading this blog, so I thought those of you who are based in Oslo or nearby might find this interesting (which admittedly is a small portion of you, but still...).

I'm in the process of setting up a forum for Journalisten on online journalism: a place to discuss, be inspired, argue and exchange experiences about this ever shifting, fast evolving frontier of journalism, and, incidentally, our first meeting this autumn will be tomorrow at 5pm. It will feature a short introduction by Eirik, before we open the floor for questions and debate. It's short notice, I know, but if you'd like to come along tomorrow and/or want to be informed about our future events, drop me an email...


I'm curious - do you have notes from how it went?

I do have notes, but all in Norwegian I'm afraid and still unpublished due to me coming down with a bad flu just after this event (I went to the mountains for two days off, and hey... holidaying is dangerous stuff).

In essence, NRK has used its blog, NRK Beta, to get more in touch with its users: answer critique, questions, ask for help and input etc. The premise being that in today's media reality these conversations (about NRK being bad/good etc) take place anyway, and the only way the broadcaster can get any kind of control over these conversations is to facilitate them itself. It was a very interesting talk 'cause this kind of transparency didn't come without internal struggles to be allowed to launch the blog without being confined by red tape, rules, fear, IT-systems etc.

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