The investigative journalist band from the Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC) 2008
Interior minister orders two years detention for Malaysian blogger

Useful pointers on Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR) and other concluding notes from GIJC Lillehammer

Despite the apparant lack of bloggers and twitterers hammering away on their keyboards to communicate their experiences live from the Global Investigative Journalism Conference (GIJC) at Lillehammer this month, it is still possible to find some useful notes and reports from the event online;-)

The first point of stop for those of you who whished they were there; or were there but wished their notes were more thorough or they could have attended more of the parallel sessions at the six-track conference, is the organisers' handout library: here you'll find the lecturers' notes for a great number of the talks.

As I wrote over at, the Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR) contingent was out in force at the conference, and in addition to the CAR notes in the handout library, you can find ProPublica's director of CAR, Jennifer LaFleur's, introduction to CAR here.

By far the most thorough notes I've come across from the conference, are those of the European Journalism Centre, which I found via Brussel-based Norwegian freelancer Bente Kalsnes, who's also got some good notes, with additional pointers, on CAR and the ABC of investigative reporting.

Freemediasrilanka has the full story on the importance of Sri Lankan journalist Sonali Samarasinghe’s seminal work on corruption and abuse of power, "Gangsterism" winning the Global Shining Light Award, and Nathaniel Heller shares a few words on the joy of meeting so many global integrity experts in the same place. You can also read about another conference lecture, Asra Nomani, and her quest to find the terrorists who murdered her former colleague, Wall Street Journalist David Pearl (but beware the sponsored links).

Finally, to get a flavour of the atmosphere of the conference, check out my more informal pictures of the entertainment and prize ceremonies. Also, if you're fluent in Scandinavian languages, you'll find most of's coverage by the aid of Google over at our new Drupal-platform (still in beta), or try's article search for their reports.


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