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Once again bloggers cover the editors' grand meeting

Last year, I put together a team of bloggers who live blogged the Norwegian Editor's Association's Spring Conference.

But after the event, the blog we set up for the Association, (translates as was largely abandoned - a fact I bemoaned when I set out for this year's Spring Conference - until today, that is:

For the autumn conference, the bloggers are back, and I imagine the new bunch of bloggers already hammering away on their keyboards by now. Two of them have even started blogging ahead of the event, covering such issues as The Media and its experts, The New Journalism and Hunting for the advertiser's gold.

So if you're fluent in Scandinavian languages this might be a blog worth tuning into today and tomorrow. The last time we did this we had an open identity the editors could use to join the live blogging, but I believe only one person dared use that, and then only to make two-three offhand comments about boring speakers. This year Geir Arne Bore, editor-in-chief of Drammens Tidende (DT) asks on his personal blog why the editors don't blog themselves, and why they are not the ones to share their reflections from the conference via their own blogs....

You also can follow Bore and others twittering from the conference ( #Nored )


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