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Lovely photo - Vertigo is my favorite champagne bar in London too! I held drinks there upon closing my first major deal. Happy days. Though with the market the way it is, I would guess it is somewhat emptier these days ...

Well, you never know, but now that you mention the turbulent times may have had an effect on sales at Vertigo you reminded of this fun post by the Express' highly regarded City editor:

"We suspected that problems were brewing a few months ago when we started getting heaps of orders for sausage and mash despite it being summer. When tastes turn towards comfort food it’s usually a sure sign something is afoot,” said Herbert Berger of City restaurant 1 Lombard Street

(bangers and mash, braised and stewed meat dishes and hearty game pies were all up a third on last year, where as sales of soup nearly doubled:-) )

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