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Freedom of Media Conference 2008

Journalisten.no live streamed parts of the Freedom of Media Conference 2008, organised by the Institute of Journalism (IJ), this week. Two keynotes have been saved for posterity:

See the moving appeal of former presidential candidate and FARC-hostage Ingrid Betancourt here. Jyllands-Posten's cultural editor, Flemming Rose, introduces a debate about The Muhammad Cartoons - an imagined clash of civilizations - here. In the talk, Rose reflects upon his decision to publish the cartoons.

In her talk, Betancourt said: "If it wasn't for you, the media, the world would have forgotten about us, the FARC hostages.

"They don't fight for ideals, that's just polish for something else. FARC is a drug cartel. The war has given them a power base and solved some of their problems, peace has not appealed to the movement."

Press play to play. To embed either of the videos: click on the blue text under the videos and embed code will appear.

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