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I always enjoy the photos you post.

I recognize the Sponge Bob air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror on the SUV, but I'm a bit fuzzy on what the sign is saying in the foreground.

Can you shed some light? Unless, of course, "Gone Fishing" means you've taken a break from blogging.

(And, naturally, I'm fibbing about the Sponge Bob Air Freshener.)

The picture (+ title) is my roundabout way of saying I've sort of taken (or wished I could take) a small break from reality.

I should have had a seperate tag/category for these sentiments as they occur at irregular intervals when I get too busy or need a minor timeout (blog silence rarely lasts more than max a few days, during which time I'm either working or thinking hard). Here's what I believe was my first, well it wasn't, but the first time I called it a Timeout, http://kristinelowe.blogs.com/kristine_lowe/2006/11/timeout.html?no_prefetch=1
but I known I also have posted at least one Timeout II :-)

Decided on this pic this time around because I sort of wanted to "go fishing", at least figuratively speaking, but in reality I just went down to the local Fish Mongers (where the light is) and the fish harbour in this photo. The sign lists the price of Prawns (Reker), 99 kroner and Cod (Torsk) 129 kroner.

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