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Trying to break the news addiction

As I'm working from the seaside this week - and find myself struggling both to be indulgent enough to take walks along the seafront during office hours, while it's still light, and not to check my online news sources all the time, only concentrate on the writing at hand - I was reminded of what a friend told me about a fellow acquaintance of us last time we met.

I hadn't heard anything about the person in question, a former deputy business editor of a UK national, for quite some time, so I asked if my friend, another deputy business editor, knew how he was doing:

'Oh, xx? He's alive and well. He's just trying to wean himself off the news addiction, he thinks it's an unhealthy addiction, by going for long walks at the beach each day and trying to stay away from it all,' he answered (I'm just quoting from memory here, this conversation took place in London back in February). I can vaguely relate, though I'd just like it to fade into the background for a few days, while I catch up with all the writing projects I've been too busy to give my full focus, including things I'd like to blog about, for some time.


Stavern 059 

Both photos by me from Corntin bay, Stavern


Again, awesome pics - still using the camera phone?

Nah, this is my work camera - a Canon Powershot G9, pretty good quality for such a small camera, eh? :-) I usually specify when I'm using my mobile phone. If I don't, I'm using either my work camera or my personal camera (an earlier version of a powerful small Canon)

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