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Found this one via Henrik Torstensson . My morning routine isn't quite the same, I tend to get up and make myself a mug of coffee before I gradually wake up while catching up on the news on my beat and the lives of friends and acquaintances around the world (at my desk, before I head for work). Still, it's a huge change from when I lived in East Finchley and gradually woke up while listning to the Today programme, or Hadley Wood where I'd wake up while actually visiting individual news sites to get my news (with BBC Breakfast in the background). The amount of newspapers I read is fairly constant for the weekends, but have changed with my work and how I travel to get there during weekdays. TV? Don't watch it anymore, and can certainly relate to what Fr. Martinsen is saying here (in Norwegian) - in essence: I used watch TV, now I stroll around on the web. How about you?


Personal TV viewing now is just serials bought on DVD, or ambient news channels.

For me TV still plays a part in my relaxing after a long day in front of the computer screen.

My mother used to say that I'ld get square eyes by watching TV. She should only know how much time I spend looking at a screen now.

Good one! The image pretty much sums up my morning routine now, with one exception: I'm not using a laptop but an iPod Touch (that's right, the iPod that looks and feels like an iPhone without the phone).

For me that device is an internet revolution. Except when posting images to Flickr and blogging, the Touch is my most used surfing machine at home.

It's a habit changing device -- reading news with it is the last thing I do in bed before falling asleep at night and the first thing I do in bed before getting up in the morning.

I need to check if I can find a good deal for an iPod touch in the tax free on Monday, then?? But even though the value of the Icelandic krona has plummeted recently I suppose it's a bit too optimistic to wish for radical lower prices for such products....

As for TV I suspect I'd watch more of it if I had a better internet connection, but am relying on mobile broadband as I need to be online when on the road and can't committ to living in the same place for 12 months or more.

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