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Happy Holidays
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It's getting to be a Christmas tradition of sorts: working like mad to finish all the stuff that needs to be completed before the holiday all of a sudden is upon me, only to realise too late that I failed, yet again, to send all the Christmas cards I planned to.

This year I only managed to send four, so inspired by my friend Brian, I will take this opportunity to wish you all:

Happy Holidays, Great Celebrations and a Prosperous New Year

As it happens, I read all sorts of great, funny, insightful and thought-provoking blog posts this year, mostly about media, but Brian wrote the post that touched me the most: it made me very grateful to be alive and to get to know all of you, Brian included.

I've been planning for ages to follow it up with a post on "The dog who saved my life and my first encounter with tabloid journalism", I may still manage to get around to that before the year is over, but since the events Brian describes took place on the second day of Christmas 1993, when I'd forgotten to post my Christmas cards,it does play on my mind today: filed as bitter-sweet, sure, but most of all something to be very grateful for - good luck, good friends and excellent writing.


Lovely thoughts ... happy and merry to you!

I dropped my Christmas cards in the mail today. After the Post Office was closed.

Happy Holidays, Kristine.

Happy Christmas Kristine.

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