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Mecom expected to decide on sale of Norwegian division today

The best take on Reed Elsevier cancelling RBI sale

"You missed your chance to buy me. Maybe getting a whole B2B publishing company thrown in was offputting? :)," Reed Business Information (RBI) blogging supremo Adam Tinworth commenting the news on his blog.

Do also check Rafat Ali's piece on the Reed Business Auction process and the possible next steps and Paul Conley's gloomy predictions for the future of B2B publishing (which I suspect adds up to: there is none, not in the industry's current form, but only had time to skim the post very superficially so far).


It's certainly a case of "interesting times" in B2B publishing. There's a fair amount of dark humour abounding in the office today.

I suspect we're about to go through similar radical changes to the UK local newspaper industry.

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