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Anniversaries: Berlingske celebrates with tunnel vision, Dagbladet with old news

Mecom-owned Berlingske Tidende, Denmark's oldest newspaper still in existence, celebrated its 260-year anniversary Saturday, and marked the event by creating this time tunnel.

A rather nifty application, if perhaps a bit, well... complicated? I found it a bit dizzyig at first, which is what made me think of tunnel vision, it reminded me of a recent talk with a Norwegian Mecom editor who said Danes had a way of thinking so complicated when it came to web media (many thanks to Helle Kruuse for alerting me to this on Twitter: I could easily have missed it as I tend to read Berlingske, like most news sites, only via my newsreader).

Meanwhile, in Norway Dagbladet is celebrating its 140-year anniversary by printing old news every day for an entire month. Critics of the tabloid - which often is derided for having downgraded its news department - will no doubt ask what's new in that respect.


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