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Business angel goes bust

Skype-investor Morten Lund's bankruptcy, following the demise of Nyhedsavisen, is hardly news to the Scandinavians among you, but Techcrunch has an interesting, very sympathetic write-up of the story.

The comments below the story are also worth reading: they make for sharp contrast to the animosity he's often met with in Danish newspaper columns and comment sections, and it was intriguing to see the video of his Le Web presentation which I hadn't heard/seen before.

I've blogged about the Danish freesheet war from beginning to end, including Lund's takeover of Nyhedsavisen, on this blog - it's yet another colourful, and at times unbelievable, tale from the Northern media frontrier that is Scandinavia, a tale deeply intertwined with Mecom's colourful newspaper adventure. For a short summary of the Nyhedsavisen story scroll down to the Icelandic newspaper saga here.

It must be said that the Icelandic part of this story has changed a bit since the latter article was written though (October 08) - in short, the Icelandic freesheet merger was cancelled, and Baugur bailed out the media division of I'll try to get back with more on that soon.  


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