Frettabladid back in the hands of Baugur-led consortium
How the web is changing newsreading habits

Summing up the Scandinavian media year 2008

No, this is not one of those summaries xxx weeks after the events: if anything, I put together the usual summary of the region's key media events a bit too early in 2008 (my deadline was mid-October).

Then I got a bit too busy, forgot to be on the lookout for when it went oline, and ended up stumbling across it by chance recently. Surprisingly, the summary still holds up pretty well, the only events that took a slightly different turn from when I wrote it were Baugur pulling out of the proposed merger of Frettbladid and Posthusid Arvakri, the publisher of Morgunbladid, and bailing out the media arm of 365media, which owns Frettabladid.

Of course, Iceland is not strictly a part of Scandinavia, although foreigners often think so, but this story was so intertwined with developements in Danish media last year that it was decided to put it all under the same headline.

The focus of the summary is largely on structural changes, like mergers and acquisitions and new laws affecting the region's media industry, but there's also a bit on online development in there.


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