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How to get somewhere these days

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I have to disappoint you if you thought this post would give any insights into climbing social ladders or getting ahead in life.

I'm thinking of the the more trivial, yet important matter, of getting from point A to B these days - easier said than done in light of the weather the last few weeks.

I'm currently based at a seaside resort which town centre is so tiny it's normally overkill to use anything but your legs to go somewhere. That's all changed with the truckloads of snow we've had recently: here's why I'm keeping my head in a book this weekend. Okay, my bank accounts are all in the red, but even if that wasn't the case my skiing skills are more than a little bit rusty - and that IS the safest way to get around town at the moment, provided, of course, you don't have one of these handy:




Has all the skiing and stuff been a good workout, at least, or is too brutal?

I'd probably starve to death inside my house given that much snow.

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