Norwegian press saves money by abandoning all attempts at serious reporting on April Fool's Day
"The depressing but inevitable demise of Press Gazette"


I'd like to say I got loads of writing done, but, truth be told, it was more a case of attending to the eclectic reading the guy pictured here would tolerate inbetween long walks and play time (dog sitting all weekend, and doesn't Duke look every bit as noble as his name implies here?)


More photos here


I couldn't work from home if the "trouble" here had that much license.

So we've developed an accord: she dozes and potters during the day; and, in return, I give her 60-90 minutes of chasing a ball through the hedgerows (my "commute"), and I don't interfere when she begs attention from everyone else.

No, my late dog didn't have that much license either - was just looking after Duke for the wknd. He was probably extra demanding because in new surroundings - but he is much more clingy and whiny than my dog was, very different type: Duke is attentive and easily disciplined outdoors and perhaps spoiled indoors - and I was extra tolerant due to the same things.

He looks quite noble! That pic you've titled "foggy blue" is really nice.

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