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"There are no conferences for fax machines"

I loved this wry blog post from The Oxford Social Media Convention by John Kelly, whose blog from his year in Oxford  I really enjoyed. Here's a highlight:

"I think my favorite observation came from Bill Thompson, a BBC tech columnist and all-around digital gadfly. When speaking about his work with computers (as a student at Cambridge in the 1980s), he said that computers weren't all that interesting or exciting to him. They were just what he did. "Social media is not there yet," he said. 'Which is why we can fill a room with 350 people. There are no conferences for fax machines.'

"His comment underscored the relative newness of things such as Twitter and Facebook and how we're still trying to work out how to integrate them into our lives. I don't think there's anything wrong with that--with pausing to reflect--despite the insistence of some new media prophets who think anyone without an iPhone in each hand and a touch screen on each wall is some lesser form of life.....'

Do check out the full post. Now, I'm painfully aware that my own blog has gone very quite as of late: it's been almost a month since my last update, which is a record of sorts for me, but it's all due to some exciting projects I've been working on lately. I'll get back to those soon, but thought this meta-perspective on social media conferences was a good way to break my blog block. Kelly's post, found via an update from Kate Day on Twitter, also reminded me to replace his Oxford blog with his Washington Post blog in my newsreader - which I should have done ages ago.


From the blog linked:

"Tech people show their bona fides by competing to see who's been online the longest. One speaker would say he first got e-mail in 1990..."


I was gonna slip in some boast about how, circa 1990, I was a teenager using nascent "social media" on BBSes, Usenet etc... But I think I've been rumbled.

Like I said, *#@"&!33$XLK3}Ï÷?nP-\Ã.ȪNO CARRIER

Ha, ha, ha... well you can still impress me. I think I only got my own email account in 95, and only made my first homepage in 2001 - in Netscape Composer, hosted on Compuserve World:-) - so I'm always way behind in that game...

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