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Barcelona calling

This month Personal Democracy Forum will be held in Europe, for what I believe is the first time ever.

"For six years, Personal Democracy Forum has been THE place in America where politicos and technologists gather to learn from each other, network, and glimpse the future. Now that conversation is coming to Barcelona, November 20-21, at the spectacular Torre Agbar," according to Pdf Europe's organisers.

The line-up is pretty spectacular too, with speakers like Mick Fealty, Charles Leadbeater, Tom Watson, Amanda Rose etc - go check it out here. I don't suppose I'll make it there, though it would be a hell of a good excuse to go see Barcelona and catch up with som really interesting folks, but the organisers have provided me with a discount code which will save my readers 20% of the $250 registration fee (email me if you're interested).



Oh wow, I'm not familiar with the names you mentioned - I've got some googling and reading to do.

Shame on me: I should have linked up their names to Wikipedia profiles, blogs etc when I wrote this, but I wrote it in a week when I was down with some kind of stomach flu. Still, I hear the conference was terrific, and that's just from sentiments I've picked up via Twitter. I'm sure I'll hear more about how it all went in the days ahead...

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