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Once upon a blue moon

Well this isn't really a blue moon, only a recent winter day with a bluish cast - but the full moon on New Year's eve will be blue, at least metaphorically speaking. However, my only reason for stating that is to have a timely excuse to post this picture: I'm all buried in deadlines right now, but had I the time I would really have loved to go exploring the wonderful winter light with a better camera than this (my Nokia N79). It's really freezing outside though, -15 degrees Celsius today and they say it'll only go colder, so perhaps it's for the better that I am holed up inside:

Update 30.12.2009, 10:33 CET: Actually, I am corrected in the comments below: this is supposedly a blue moon as the photo is captured on Boxing day. With that in mind, perhaps I'll make an extra effort to get a shot of the moon tonight and tomorrow as well...



If you took the pic this month, it is a blue moon. A blue moon is where there are two full moons appearing within one calendar month - very rare, but due for December 2009.

So well done! You actually captured a blue moon!!!


I snapped this photo on boxing day, but if I only had to take a picture sometime this month capturing a blue moon doesn't sound like too much of an achievement;-)

Ah, but in years to come, how many others will be able to tell the next generation with authority that "it actually IS a blue moon in the photo"? Sometimes the simplest things ...

Bestest wishes for 2010 when it comes.

That's no moon. That's a space station!

Ha,ha, ha: and here I was trying to write something profound about 2009. That turned out to be a rather depressing exercise, so thanks making me laugh while pondering the miserable state of the world;-)

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