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New Year: full speed ahead

Okay, so I hit the year running. So far 2010 has been very busy, but in a good way. However, I had quite a few analytical posts I wanted to kick off my blog year with that I've simply kept running out of time to finish.

So this is just to break the radio silence here: welcome 2010, let's hope it'll be a good year. There's lots to say about the media year past, and the decade now behind us for that matter. I've said a bit about the key headlines here and here (in Norwegian) as a columnist, though might return with a few personal insights and highlights on my blog later.

I'm off to London in the morning as I'll be attending's Newsrewired at City University on Thursday (I'll be in town from noon tomorrow 'til Saturday morning). I hope to see some of you there, and I'm also hoping it might be a bit warmer there than here. This photo is from Oslo harbour yesterday, a day spent filming outdoors (I was working for a TV company, the pic is snapped with my Noka N79) ... fun work, good company, but don't let the sun fool you: it was freezing...brrr...



Did it look much different in The Capital? That said, it's not cold; and the snow could be gone before you are.

Anyway, a belated happy New Year. And I hope it went well today.

Thanks, happy new year! Flying in was surprisingly smooth, though I think I might have suffered temporary brain damage from filming in subhuman temperatures cause I spent hours online at the airport pondering what hotel to book myself into. Or perhaps I was just short on sleep.

Newsrewired was also fun, which leaves getting a few deadlines out of the way, meeting up with friends, then flying back tomorrow morning. I think all the London snow was washed away by the rain yesterday morning, lots of engineering work and train replacement services on Saturday though...

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