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Nine easy steps to get the newspaper in PDF

I must admit I find PDF a pretty cumbersome format, so when Paal Hivand tweeted a link to this special offer from a regional Norwegian newspaper I couldn't help but laugh: a nine (!) step guide to get the PDF version of the paper. It's a available for free for a three week trial, downloadable for roughly £2 a day or you can take out a paid subscription (it doesn't say for how much).

Now, as the newspaper serves Finnmark, Norway's sparsly populated northernmost county, there might be a business rationale to offering a PDF-paper like this, but, me, I'd happily settle for reading the newspaper online.



Let me see:

Step 1. Decide to get a newspaper as a PDF
Step 2. Realise what you did in Step 1.
Step 3. Despair.

What are the other 6?


Gosh, I don't know. I looked at it, laughed, and moved on. Or rather: looked at it, laughed, moved on, kept on laughing about it,and returned briefly to blog about it;-) Maybe after finishing this week's deadlines, say Saturday, I'll investigate a bit more. Or maybe not.

These Web 2.0 (even 3.0) days, surely PDF = Why?

I know a few regional newspapers in Australia that tried PDF subscriptions. I don't think any of them gained more than 250 subscribers.

It is a clumsy way to distribute news.

Sorry if you've mentioned this free service before, but http://library.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/viewer.aspx is worth a look.

Thanks for the link, Michael. No, I don't think I've mentioned that free service before. I have seen it, but I had completely forgotten about it, so thank you.

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