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Cats, blogs and the internet

Although it is a well known that the internet is ruled by cats, cat blogging is not quite my thing. For one, I'm more partial to dogs, not at least because I owe my life to one, and knowing myself I find it very ulikely that this blog will not be remain dedicated to the fascinating and ever changing media landscape for the forseeable future.

However, I thought this video on how the internet is made of cats (hat tip: Adriana) at least might offer me an excuse to say a word or two about what I've been up to lateley - namely cat sitting for @pusedyr who at times has been known to usurp control over one of Norway's most popular political blogs, the one normally written by @vampus (aka Heidi). It must be said that this guy, who's been blogging on multiple blogs and is, by some standards, an old-timer on Twitter, is no stranger to the power of the internet, but, as he is quite a political animal, I'm reliably informed he probably won't be tweeting much again until the next election.

As for the two of us, since I injured my back on my way back from England late June, it's not so much the case that I've been looking after him for two weeks as he's been looking after me by making sure I'd get out of bed at regular intervals to feed him. Now that I think I've finally recovered I guess I owe him a thanks of sorts... having said that, I'm also looking forward to a night of uninterrupted sleep come Friday...(see more pics on Flickr):

Oh, and while we're on the issue of cats and uninterrupted sleep, @pusedyr is a very lenient taskmaster compared to my late housemate Casanova, also known as "the centre of the world"owned by another Heidi(picture courtesy of Lene):



Sorry to hear about the back. Were you doing something strenuous when you hurt it? Or something sort of simple?

The worst I hurt mine was simply getting into a car. The second worst was tying my shoes -- I tied one, leaned back a hair to re-adjust my sitting stance, and when I leaned forward felt a little bit of something that made me wonder if it wouldn't be trouble later. It was and I had to go to the doctor for that one.

Kristine, with a surname like yours I'm quite surprised that you aren't an ailurophile. ;-)

Anyway, I'm not surprised that @pusedyr is a "zoon politikon". Cats are opinionated creatures, and rarely miss a chance to express their feelings in one way or another.

Judging from our Ada, I strongly suspect that cats are staunch conservatives. They truly abhor change of any kind, are deeply sceptical of foreigners (especially furry ones) and are tough on crime (trespassing on their territory in particular).

Delmer: Sort of simple. I just bent down to pick up something from my suitcase when I got this excruciating back pain. Thought for a moment there I wouldn't make it back to Norway as I was due to that day, but luckily I'd left plenty of time to get to the airport and knew the part of London I was in like my backgarden (I lived a tube stop away for close to three years).

I think it was just result of me carrying my office over my shoulder for half a week: my laptop bag rested on my tummy but strained my shoulders and back. I used to get similar pains when I lived in London and had been doing that for many years. Since then I've switched to carrying my "office", i.e. laptop, camera etc, in a backpack, a much better solution, but had left the backpack behind in Oslo as I was travelling with only hand luggage on Ryanair;-) Had its price it seems. And no: I didn't get myself to the doctor - climbed straight into bed when I got back to Oslo and luckily was able to just take it very easy for a week+ Food store next door, gym as well when I improved enough to start cycling indoors and training in ways that didn't strain my back.

But, yes: it was painful. By the sound of it I was better off than you though - moving was fine as long I was very careful and didn't do it the wrong way or in too big portions

Eirik: Ha, ha, ha... def. fits Ask. He's a conservative with a libertarian bent I think - very independent minded. Not at all like his owner who I remember once describe herself as part individualist and part socialist (in a talk, oh, fifteen years ago or so) ;-)

Don't get me wrong about cats, I like them. I've had four. I just prefer dogs. When I retire - which I hope will be to a property in the White Mountains or something: rural but close to cool cities - I'll have dogs, horses and cats. I just don't like the idea of indoor cats very much.

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