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Why I still blog

Is blogging dead? I seem to recall that discussion surfacing every so often since Twitter really took off.

Last week The Economist published an article on the evolving blogosphere, the vast field of dead blogs and slower growth of of blogs - which spurred a very interesting discussion over at Eirik Newth's blog (in Norwegian) when he blogged his thoughts on it.

For my own part I am very aware that I've been blogging less here in recent times, which is due to me also runnning the blog of the Norwegian Online News Association and long work days writing for money.

But I keep promising myself to find more time to blog because I still find it invaluable for a number of reasons. Therefore I was delighted to see Hans Kullin of the excellent Media Culpa put word to some of the reasons he still blogs in an interview with John Cass:

"it is a way to push myself to think deeper about a subject and to learn more. When you are forced to articulate your own opinion about a topic, you do more research and it seems to stick better in your memory. Then there is the social aspect. By writing a blog, I engage in a conversation with smart people and that is always a lot of fun. It is also a great way to build a good network. But perhaps most of all, my blogging has always been fueled by the reactions from other people, who link to or comment about my content. The more (positive) reactions you get, the more fun it is to blog. And that’s where I have a real problem to motivate myself to blog these days. It seems that many people don’t have as much time to blog today as they used to, before Facebook and Twitter grew popular."

I agree with most of that, but am also reminded on a short post I wrote a few years back which I feel still holds true. Two key thoughts from that: 1) don't see you blog as a finished package but use it as a backup brain, as public notebook, 2) treat it as part of what you're doing, as one method to achieve what you're doing, not as taking time away from journalism but as another way of doing journalism. I can say a lot on the latter point but no time right now, so do check out the full post(s) (and I do hope the links still work)


The pattern of flurries, trickles, and pauses is one of the things I savour about blogs. It's part of their texture - chiaroscuro. And I find the pattern of "indulge and recover" is more biological than the monotonous tick-tock-tick of a daily publication.

Oh, and if my comments have been "brilliant", then it's because you've succeeded in building an open-ended platform, and have brought out the best in me.

*blows Kristine a kiss* ;-)

When I look back at my past blog entries it isn't uncommon for me to be reminded of something I'd forgotten -- something about one of my children or an event we shared.

Not long ago I was writing a bit about how I proposed to my wife and in the process looked up an old post I'd written on it. As I reread it I realized I'd forgotten some of the details (after only a year) and was happy I'd taken the time to write it down. (Her six-year old was dropping big hints but and I'd forgotten how the hints had been presented.)

So... and this could have been a single-sentence comment I suppose... my blog serves as a reminder to me of things I might otherwise forget as get older.

Thanks, a_spod: good thing I do something right;-) Well, actually, I know I do quite a few things right, but sometimes progess seems so slow or I get so bogged down with all that's got to be down that I loose sight of the bigger perspective and the actual progress.

Delmer: that' a great anecdote. I find my blog does the same for me: in particular, it helps me keep track of what I've been thinking and writing;-) My blog really does work as a back up of my brain, and since I can be so bad at storing things under sensible labels in sensible places (I've never liked systems much, but as I've grown older I've come to appreciate their beauty and usefulness more) this is immensly useful for me. Now I can just go to my blog and use the blog search box to find what I wrote or thought about a given subject or company in the last oh, five years or so - at least if it's on my beat;-)

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