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I've been following the Wikileaks story intensly for a good long time, and writing a bit of commenteray on it here (in Norwegian), so I couldn't help but laugh reading this story on it over at Brian's blog just now.

In his usual understated way, Brian, commenting on a headline from Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s recent book, writes:

"Until today I didn’t know what to make of the WikiLeaks affair. Frankly I’ve pretty much been ignoring it. I mean, what has he been trying to do? Destroy Western Civilisation seems to be the basic complaint, although maybe I have that wrong..."

"... But tormenting a cat is a serious accusation. Maybe I will have to start taking this story seriously."

Whereupon Michael chips in in the comment section:

"Weird hacker nerds are usually nice to cats, in my experience. If these accusations are true, it puts everything in an entirely different light."

Which all reminded me of this marvellous graphic (above) I found via Adam's microblog.

Make of it what you wish, for me it feels very apt until we reach the light blue band. From that point on I think I've organised so many local conferences I've moved beyond wishing for more, and deep down I'm sure I nurture the hope to change the world, but the rest is on not really on my agenda. Or, self-actualisation is cool of course, I do hope the answer to that lies somewhere in my deadlines...




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