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Food for thought: opt-out is the new opt-in

Here's an excellent observation from a talk I've just been convinced I would have loved to listen to (thanks to Adam for liveblogging it):

"Highly technical people are dictating how we communicate with each other. The least social people are dictating how we interact. They force us to opt-out not opt-in. There's software that kills you internet connections for a set time to allow you to focus. Opt-out is the new opt-in."

Nothing all that new in the higlights Adam posts from Jeremy Tai Abbett's talk, but the way Abbett coins these key trends is refreshing and very much to the point. Read the full post here.


Hei, Jeg er journaliststudent ved Handelhøyskolen BI, hvor jeg skriver en
bacheloroppgave om sosiale medier, med tittelen: "Nye medier gir ny
journalistikk". I den forbindelse håper jeg du kan svare på noen spørsmål.

jeg får ikke opp mail-adressen din, så send meg et svar så kan jeg sende deg spørsmålene. På forhånd takk.

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