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Terror in Oslo: A near miss

Terror in Oslo: Saturday's frontpages

It was the morning after the worst day in Oslo's recent history, and these are the frontpages we woke up to.

It must be said that VG, Norway's largest newspaper and also my main employer, was right across the street from the governement headquarters where the bomb went off, and large sections VG's glass walls facing the explosion fell out (as you can see from this video I just re-shared on Google+ ).

The tabloid's staff was evacuated not once, but twice during the afternoon and evening of 22/7 - first from VG, then from its temporary workspace in Schibsted's headquarters - and ended up renting suits in a nearby hotel to have a workplace in which they could finish today's paper. Incredibly professional, and I am impressed by the paper they did put together under trying cicrumstances.

I for one forgot my mobile phone charger when evacuating the VG building, and I couldn't have been the only one to do so because talking to the salesman in the store I bought a spare charger today he said someone from VG had bought a whole load of chargers after the attack yesterday.

Here's the frontpages of Norway's two largest tabloids, VG (Verdens Gang) and Dagbladet:


And here's Aftenposten, Norway's newspaper of record, and Dagens Naeringsliv (DN), our largest financial daily:




Can't imagine what your country is going through. The headlines about this over here in the States have us shocked.

Yes, this story just keeps getting more surreal. I've just read parts of what we assume is the terrorist's manifest (he's confessed both to the bomb and the shootings), and it's sickening. What really got me me was that the terror attacks, the bomb and the shootings, are described as his marketing operation for the manifest. The author doesn't mention the actual events in that paragraph, but it's easy to deduce that it is what he refers to.

My deep and sincere condolences to Norwegian people from Ukraine. Now we know what kind of social disaster ultra-right parties (with hatred and intolerance to Muslims, immigrants, other peoples) could trigger. But, frankly speaking, I'm more inclined to agree with K. G.-Jung: "The future of our civilization hangs on thin thread of human's psyche".

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